Public Documents


Alfresco Dining policy as at 24 February 2014 - Adopted.pdf (PDF) (151.65 KB)

Asbestos Policy 2014.pdf (PDF) (237.18 KB)

Audit Committee Charter Adopted 26 August 2013 (PDF) (117.65 KIB)

Bridge and Road Naming Policy Adopted February 2015

Code of Conduct - Hilltops Council

Code of Meeting Practice (PDF - 260.32KB)

Drought Management Plan (PDF - 2470.73KB)

Work Health and Safety Policy 2015

External Communications Policy (PDF - 65.09KB)

Boorowa Council Delegation Policy - adopted 24 February 2014.pdf (PDF) (181.29 KB)

Customer Service (PDF - 77.02KB)

Debt Recovery (PDF - 71.26KB)

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (PDF) (69.78 KB)

Harassment (PDF - 137.22KB)

Hardship (PDF - 61.69KB)

Interaction Between Councillors and Staff (PDF - 90.82KB)

Internal Audit Charter (PDF - 80.49KB)

Internal Reporting Policy (PDF - 82.35KB)

Hilltops Investment Policy adopted 24 May 2016

Outdoor Clothing (PDF - 74.66KB)

On Time Payment Policy adopted June 2015

Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities to Administrators, Implementation Advisory Group and Local Representation Committee Members - Hilltops Council

Procurement Policy (PDF - 91.5KB)

Public Land Management (PDF - 367.56KB)

Raffle Tickets-Street Stalls as at 23 February 2015.pdf (PDF) (151.83 KB)

Records Management (PDF - 115.3KB)

Recruitment and Selection (PDF - 46.37KB)

Request for Service Response (PDF - 89.58KB)

Hilltops Council s355 Committee Standard Constitution - adopted 22 June 2016

Signs as Remote Supervision (PDF - 79.91KB)

Showground Master Plan

Swimming Pool Barrier Inspection Policy (PDF) (100.28 KB)

Volunteers (PDF - 84.45KB)