Business Paper 21 Mayl 2012

Please find Business Paper attached as a PDF that can be read or downloaded for your convenience for the Boorowa Council Ordinary Meeting to be held Monday 21 May 2012 at 4.00pm, Council Chambers Lower Level Market Street Boorowa.

21 May2012 Business Paper Part 1 (PDF - 3812.13KB)

21 May 2012 Business Paper Part 2 (PDF - 3245.39KB)


Annexure 1: Draft Borowa Council Documents are available to be read or downloaded from the PDF's following:

Draft Asset Management Strategy (PDF - 436.38KB)

Draft Bridge Infrastructure Asset Management Plan (PDF - 458.14KB)

Draft Delivery Plan and Operational Plan (PDF - 918.15KB)

Draft Kerb and Gutter Asset Management Plan (PDF - 362.65KB)

Draft Stormwater Drainage Asset Management Plan (PDF - 464.66KB)

Draft Transport Infrastructure Risk Management Plan (PDF - 207.17KB)

Draft Fees and Charges (PDF - 106.61KB)

Draft Footpath Infrastructure Asset Management Plan (PDF - 353.26KB)

Draft Long Term Financial Plan (PDF - 216.26KB)

Draft Plant Asset Management Plan (PDF - 168.14KB)

Draft Sealed Roads Aasset Management Plan (PDF - 516.34KB)

Draft Unsealed Roads Asset Management Plan (PDF - 291.96KB)

Draft Workforce Management Plan (PDF - 282.76KB)