Food Poisoning Educational Video

A new consumer video from the NSW Food Authority shows consumers the sometimes ugly truth about food poisoning (and carrots)!

The video outlines the causes, symptoms and onset times of food poisoning, featuring:

  • the risk of food poisoning from improperly prepared meals
  • food poisoning may not be caused by the last thing you ate
  • a range of pathogens that cause food poisoning

It addresses the misconception that food has to look, smell or taste bad to cause food poisoning, as most bacteria do not, in fact, change the food's appearance or odour. It reinforces key food safety tips: Keep it cold (below 5C), keep it hot (above 60C), keep it clean and read the labels. It also finally reveals the truth about those 'carrots' in your vomit!

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The Truth About Food Poisoning
Food poisoning is messy. Learn more about the causes of food poisoning, symptoms, how to avoid it and the truth about carrots and vomit. Press play at your own risk.

Following is the link to the NSW Food Authority's food poisoning webpage: