Media Release - New Water Main to Service Pudman Street


Approved for release by: Therese Manns

Date for release: 28 August 2012

Media Contact: Anthony McMahon


New Water Main to Service Pudman Street

This week will see the commencement of works by Boorowa Council staff to install a new water main in Pudman Street.

"The old line has experienced several breaks in recent times which have required costly repairs and by putting in the new line these maintenance costs will be reduced" Ms Manns says.

The works commenced on 28 August 2012 and are expected to last up to 5 weeks. Only minimal disruptions to water supply are expected to occur towards the end of the project when the new line is connected at either end to the existing line and individual services are connected to the new line.

"Every effort will be made to minimise disruptions to the public including keeping Pudman Street open to traffic in both directions and avoiding any unnecessary breaks in water supply" Ms Manns says.

"Obviously there will need to be some minor disruption to supply while old lines are connected to the new and those residents and businesses affected will be individually notified" according to Ms Manns.

Council requests that the public take care when travelling around the worksite and that they contact Council with any enquiries relating to the project.


Anthony McMahon