Corporate Plans


NSW Councils use the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework to plan for the future and respond to the needs of their communities. Operating within this framework, Boorowa Council has produced a number of plans that are drawn together using a holistic approach that responds to the needs of the Boorowa Community, ensuring that Council delivers services and provides facilities that are effective, efficient and sustainable.


Community Strategic Plan

The Community Strategic Plan represents what we value as a community; it is a blueprint for a better more resilient community that builds on our strengths and sets the direction for the future.

This plan has been developed from a platform of direct engagement across all areas of the community, the residents, the business community, our youth, government and community agencies. The participation and input from the community during our consultation forums and surveys has gone beyond all expectations and ensures that the plan is truly representative of the community's vision for the future of Boorowa and district.

Boorowa Community Strategic Plan 2032 (PDF) (1.24 MB)

Delivery Program and Operational Plan

The Delivery Program operates for the 4 year Council term and outlines the activities Council will undertake to further the aspirations of our community and contribute to the Goals, Objectives and Strategies as outlined in the Delivery Program and identifies projects, programs or activities that Council will undertake in the next year. It includes Council's annual budget, as well as its Revenue Policy, including Councils Fees and Charges.

Delivery Program 2015/16 to 2018/19.pdf (PDF) (2.09 MB)

Operational Plan 2015/16 (PDF) (1025KB)

Fees and Charges 2015/16 (PDF) (367 KB)

Delivery Plan Review

Council is required to undertake a review of progress against its delivery plan at least every 6 months. This allows Council to track progress of actions in the plan and ensure that the plan continually remains current.

A copy of Councils most current 6 monthly Delivery Plan Review is presented below in a PDF format that can be read or downloaded for your convenience.

Delivery Plan Review (PDF) (232.26 KB) - December 2013

Delivery Plan Review June 2014.pdf (PDF) (222.93 KB)

Review of Delivery Plan - December 2014 (PDF) (218.96 KB)

Resourcing Strategy

Council has planned for the provision of sufficient resources - time, money, assets and people to implement the strategies established by the Community Strategic Plan.

The resourcing strategy includes:

1. Long Term Financial Plan

The Long Term Financial Plan has a 10 year planning period and is updated annually as part of developing the operational plan. It contains the following elements:

  • Projected income and expenditure, balance sheet and cash-flow statement.
  • Detail of planning assumptions.
  • Sensitivity analysis highlighting the assumptions most likely to affect the plan.
  • Financial modeling for different scenarios.
  • Methods of monitoring financial performance.

Long Term Financial Plan 2015/16 2024/25

2. Workforce Management Plan

The Workforce Management Plan contains strategies to provide Council with the best people to inform its strategic direction, develop innovative approaches to complex issues and deliver services effectively and efficiently.

Workforce Management Plan 2014-2023 (PDF) (354.1 KIB)

3. Asset Management Planning

Boorowa Council manages a vast infrastructure network comprising transport, water and sewer services, recreational facilities and buildings. Infrastructure is what supports a community and is quite often taken for granted until something fails or no longer can provide an expected service.

These infrastructure assets represents a huge investment from the community, which has been built up over a long period of time and Council is responsible for ensuring that our infrastructure networks are resilient and are provided in a sustainable way.

Some of the main drivers of asset management are to ensure Council can;

  • plan and finance asset renewal
  • use available resources effectively, efficiently and sustainably
  • reduce network failures and provide infrastructure assets at agreed levels of service.

Council has developed the following Asset Management Planning documents:

Boorowa Bike Plan

The purpose of the Bike Plan is to further define and justify a network of bicycle routes within the township of Boorowa to promote cycling as a safe, environmentally friendly and enjoyable form of recreation and transport. The plan is also the mechanism to attract 1:1 State Government funding for bike related infrastructure.

Boorowa Bike Plan 2014.pdf (PDF) (463.1 KB)