Local Government Reform

For some time Council has been working proactively to navigate through the NSW Local Government Reform Process, which  has been unfolding across the State. The process has culminated with the NSW Government announcing the “Fit for the Future Program,” which requires each Council to make a submission to the Government on how it intends to meet the service needs of its community into the future. Each Councils submission will be assessed by an Independent Panel against a set of benchmarks before the Government makes final decisions on the future of Councils.

Several references can be found below:



The above sites provide background information on the NSW Local Government Reform Process

Hilltops Region Governance and Service Delivery Review.pdf (PDF) (4.5 MB) 

The above report was commissioned by the Boorowa, Harden and Young Councils when it became apparent that it would be recommended by Government that the 3 Councils Should merge. The report explores a range of options and what those options mean.

Local Government Reform Community Briefing and Invitation to attend Forum (PDF) (144.06 KB)

The above briefing paper provides background information from Council on the reform process and options available to Boorowa. It also includes an invitation to community forums to discuss reform.

Community Forum Presentation.pdf (PDF) (2.75 MB)

The above presentation was used to facilitate community discussion on Local Government Reform during February 2015