Boorowa Now

It's a lot quieter and more orderly these days and the boundaries have been sorted out. 'A place where neighbours all help one another'. The town is dependent on farming and grazing as well as horse, cattle and sheep studs with a scattering of poultry, pigs and alpacas. In a good season with sufficent (but not too much) rain, everyone is happy.

In the shopping precinct, with the new paving and the planting it's a lot prettier than it was. But the structure was in place; historic buildings, parkland, bridges and the river, harmoniously combine nature with the built environment.

The poplars lining both approaches on the Lachlan Valley Way give a stately welcome and farewell to visitors and residents alike.

Stately Hello and Goodbye

Today people of all ages come to the town and villages of Boorowa and the farmland in between looking for more space, fresh air, the chance to have a real garden, grow fruit and vegetables, have a few chooks and keep a horse or two.

There is a staunch band of Canberra commuters in residence. Some 'carpool' to Yass and bus it from there while others drive the whole way. But the travelling is easy compared to any big-city peak-hour crush. Car comuters use the time to be entertained, informed or educated by means of audio books or music, the radio or with text-to-speak software that converts textbooks to MP3 files for learn-as-you-drive quality time.

After work there is plenty to do. Look up at the night sky for a pollution-free view of the solar system. You could pen a sonnet and share it at the Writers Group at the Boorowa Library, or wThe Gardenhip up a landscape with paints and canvas. The garden always beckons plus there is tennis, golf, squash, and any number of team sports. In the swimming season, the resort quality pool is rarely crowded. Sometimes you'll have it to yourself.

 Boorowa Swimming Pool

A fun trip to the snow


In winter if you leave early enough you can even have a trip to the snow.

There are distinct seasons; autumn with its gentle but colourfulretreat from summer is much favoured. Winter warrants a real fire, frosts will ice-up your windscreen but the still sunny days are perfect for picnics. Spring is all blossoms, blooms and swooping magpies.

In the humidity-free summers, washing dries in a flash and lawns go crunchy. And then the temprature drops, mozzies and blowflies depart, the leaves start to turn and it's autumn again. Spring Blossoms