History of Council and Councillors

Boorowa Council History from 1888-2004 Council History Boorowa was proclaimed a municipality in the Government Gazette on the 11th December 1888. The very first Councillors in 1889 were Mayor Pat Ryan, Ben Morgan. Isaac and James Stevenson, JJ Kershaw and John Preston. It was not until 1926 that the actual number of Councillors rose to nine instead of six. The number of Councillors remains at nine to this present day. The very first Council meeting was held in the Mechanics Institute on the 15th March 1889. The people of Boorowa appeared apprehensive at the prospect of a locally run Shire, when eventually the residents witnessed the progress that came about from the Council like street alignment, improvement of sanitary conditions and the formation of roads they realised the asset the Council would be to their town. The first Council Chambers were erected on the corner of Pudman and Court Streets, this building was officially opened on the 10th January 1910 at a cost of ?583, and it even had a picket fence. Boorowa's first town clerk Allen Hancock Junior commenced the position in 1890 and eventually retired in 1925 after thirty five (35) years of loyal service, during his service to the council, Mr Hancock would have witnessed the amalgamation with the Murringal Shire, which occurred in 1944. With this event proceeding the Boorowa Shire Council came into existence. It was decided in 1955 that the Council Chambers were to confined to house the expanding staff. A new position was chosen in Market Street where the present Building stands today. In 2002 Council undertook a major refurbishment and building alteration to arrive at the modern day building that currently exists. The council is proud of all the work it has accomplished since it's beginning; you only have to take a stroll along the bike path to see the evidence of the tranquillity in which the town exists today.

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