Economic Development Strategy

Executive Summary

Boorowa and its surrounding areas have the potential to experience continued and potentially rapid economic growth. One of the main drivers behind this growth is Boorowa’s geographic proximity to a number of regional centres including Canberra, Sydney, Wagga Wagga, Bathurst and Orange as well as its proximity to the Hume Highway.

To ensure that economic growth can be realised it is important to take a strategic approach to identifying opportunities to facilitate growth and to ensure that resources and investment are applied in the most beneficial ways.

With the above in mind, Boorowa Council has developed its first Economic Development Strategy to facilitate decision making and better understand the drivers and necessary actions to facilitate economic growth for the Boorowa Community.

Economic prosperity is highly dependent upon collaboration across all levels of Government as well as with the private sector and it is anticipated that this strategy will provide a starting point for collaboration. 

This Strategy provides the basis for decision making to encourage economic development; however Boorowa Council aims to remain flexible and maintain the ability to adapt to emerging trends and opportunities. Delivery of programs and projects will be assessed on an annual basis in line with available resources.

Economic Development Strategy