State of the Environment Report

The State of the Environment Report is a very comprehensive report for the Boorowa Local Government Region. This report was released on 30 November 2009 and can be viewed at the following

Land and Water

Located in the Lachlan Catchment, the main streams in Boorowa Local Givernment Area are the Boorowa River and the Lachlan River, the latter forming part of the shire boundary. Dryland salinty, which has developed as a result of increasing groundwater levels, has been identified as a major and increasing problem in both the Boorowa and Lachlan River catchments.

The shire landscape is characterised by gently undulating rises and low hills. The eastern part of the shire, however, has areas of steeper lands, particularly on areas of granitic terrain, and closer to the Lachlan River.

There are three major geolotic types - Silurian acid volcanic in the western half of the shire, Ordovician-Silurain sediments for much of the eastern half, and the edge of the Wyangala Batholith (a granite intrusion) in the north-eastern corner of the shire. Soils are predominantly tied  to geology and topograhic position, with the more fertile sooils found on the acid volcanic and poorer soils of the Ordovician sediments.

More information can be obtained by accessing information at under the heading of Regional State of the Environment and look up Boorowa.