Boorowa Council Recycling

Boorowa Council recycling service is provided on alternate Wednesdays to residents living west of Ryans Creek and east of Ryans Creek (PDF attached that can be read or downloaded for Recycling 2016).

Please have all yellow recycling bins out on Tuesday night before collection.

Please find a brochure attached for downloading on all items that can and can not be placed in a recycling bin. All recycling bins have yellow lids for easy recognition.Please follow guidelines and rinse out all cantainers that are to be placed in bins so as not to cause contamination. If you have any enquiries regarding this service please contact Boorowa Council.

Kerbside Waste Collection

Council would like to remind residents of collection days for kerbside collection. Only the bin due for pick up should be placed on the kerbside the night before pickup:

  • Green lid – Council WILL NOT collect bins with Green Lids.
  • Domestic Waste Red Lid –  collected every Friday
  • Recycling Yellow Lid  – collected fortnightly on Wednesday the pickup of recycling is one week east of Ryan’s Creek and the next week pickup of recycling is west of Ryan’s Creek calendar for recycling 2016 can be found as a PDF below – if further clarification is required please contact Council

Contact Details



Boorowa Council Recycling Brochure (PDF 200KB)