Boorowa Swimming Pool Kiosk in Jeopardy for 2015/16 Season


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Date for release: 28 September 2015

Media Contact: Anthony McMahon

Boorowa Swimming Pool Kiosk in Jeopardy for 2015/16 Season

There is nothing more enjoyable than being able to get a bucket of hot chips after climbing out of cold water or an ice-cream when things get hot at the local swimming pool.

For Boorowa residents there is a real chance they may not have the opportunity to do so over the upcoming swim season due to a lack of interest from anyone to take on the role of kiosk operator.

Council had called for expressions of interest to run the kiosk, even offering a $15,000 incentive, with only two people showing an interest but neither yet able to commit.

The Boorowa swimming pool operates over a 19 week season and is a highly utilised facility in the community.

Council is now faced with a tough decision on how to maintain the level of service offered at the pool.

“Our ideal scenario is that someone makes contact and takes the role on with the financial incentive offered, however if this doesn’t happen we may have to look at alternatives such as vending machines” said Councils General Manager Anthony McMahon.

“The pool is one of our most vital community assets and it would be a shame to see it operating without the very popular kiosk” he said.

With the pool season fast approaching Council is running out of time to find a way to have the kiosk open.

“We would love to hear from anyone, whether it be an individual or a community group that would be willing to operate the kiosk for a payment of $15,000 in addition to kiosk takings” said Mr McMahon.


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