Level 4 Water Restrictions for Boorowa as Situation Worsens

Approved for release by: Anthony McMahon

Date for release: 26 February 2016

Media Contact: Anthony McMahon


Level 4 Water Restrictions for Boorowa as Situation Worsens

The Boorowa Water Supply has continued to decline rapidly through a combination of warm weather and high usage.

Council is now concerned that unless things change soon the situation will get far worse before it gets better.

“At the moment we estimate we have about 15 weeks of water left if people comply with the restrictions in place aimed at limiting usage. Obviously if we don’t cut back on what is being used then we run out of water sooner” said Boorowa Mayor Wendy Tuckerman.

“If we get to the stage where we have to start carting water the cost to the community will be astronomical” she said.

Over the past week an average of 766kL of water per day has been consumed and unless that figure gets down to between 250kL and 450kL per day supply could run out as quickly as 8 weeks.

“In the past two days alone the community has consumed 1.064ML and 1.321ML respectively which is approximately 4 times what we should be using” said Mayor Tuckerman.

Households within the supply area will be receiving detailed information via letterbox drops on what level 4 and level 5 restrictions mean and following distribution of this information Council will be taking a hard stance on compliance with restrictions.

All households within the township were delivered a notice in January containing information on permissible water usage under the current Level 4 Water Restrictions.

Council are able to issue on fines of up to $2,200 for inappropriate use of water.

"Issuing penalty notices is not our preferred method of reducing water usage, however it is an avenue available to Council for residents or businesses found blatantly ignoring the water restrictions" said Councils General Manager Mr McMahon.

Council is continuing to work on its long term supply solution having again recently written to the NSW Minister responsible for Water Niall Blair, seeking funding to progress with designs for a water security solution.

“We are continuing to do everything the State asks of us and are hopeful we may now be able to get the funds we need to progress designs for a supply solution further” said Mayor Tuckerman.


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Media Release - Level 4 Water Restrictions for Boorowa as Situation Worsens