Media Release - Minister Blair Inspects Boorowa’s Water Supply

Approved for release by: Anthony McMahon

Date for release: 5 April 2016

Media Contact: Mayor Wendy Tuckerman

Minister Blair Inspects Boorowa’s Water Supply

On 5 April 2016, Minister for Primary Industries, Lands and Water, The Honourable Niall Blair, was given a firsthand insight into the ongoing challenges Boorowa Council faces with its water supply.

Minister Blair inspected the Boorowa Weir and supplementary bores with Council’s Mayor Wendy Tuckerman and General Manager Anthony McMahon.

Council has been continuing to work with the Government on developing a long term solution to its water supply shortfall which sees the community on severe water restrictions most years.

“It was very pleasing to have the Minister see firsthand what we have been writing and speaking to him about for some time and to really understand that the Boorowa River does not provide the volumes of water we need to have a secure supply year round” said Mayor Tuckerman.

The Council has made it clear to the Government that the available options are limited with a pipeline to a neighbouring supply shaping up as the only real long term viable solution.

“We have certainly had some frustrations in recent years navigating the amount of studies and plans we’ve been required to complete just to rule out potential options. We are certainly closing in on answering all the questions we need to and I believe the Minister is genuinely supportive of helping us reach our long term solution” said Mayor Tuckerman.

Council is hopeful that in the near future funding can be secured to undertake detailed planning and design for a pipeline to secure Boorowa’s water supply well into the future.


Mayor Wendy Tuckerman (02) 6380 2000.

Media Release - Minister Blair Inspects Boorowa’s Water Supply