More Homeowners Included in Loose-Fill Asbestos Program

MEDIA RELEASE - Friday, 21 October 2016

NSW GOVERNMENT - Victor Dominello - Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation


Homeowners who submitted their details with NSW Fair Trading since the 1 August 2016 deadline will be included in the free loose-fill asbestos testing program.

Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Victor Dominello said over 1,000 eligible homeowners in identified local government areas (LGAs) who contacted NSW Fair Trading after the original registration deadline would now be accepted into the program.

“We’re giving eligible homeowners, who have not yet contacted NSW Fair Trading, until Monday 31 October to register for the Voluntary Purchase and Demolition Program,” he said.

“Should their property be confirmed to contain loose-fill asbestos, homeowners will be eligible to access financial assistance and will have the option of selling it to the Government.”

After 31 October, further consideration for inclusion in the program will be given to eligible homeowners experiencing hardship or facing exceptional circumstances.

Homeowners in the 28 identified LGAs, with homes built prior to 1980, can also obtain private testing, and should the test confirm the presence of loose-fill asbestos, the cost of the test will be refunded and consideration will be given to inclusion in the program.

Since the announcement of the program on 29 June 2015, more than 80,000 registrations for free sample testing have been recorded across 28 eligible LGAs. Of those, more than 9,000 tests have already been conducted and 121 properties have been found to contain loose-fill asbestos.

The NSW Government has acquired 38 of the 121 affected properties and more than 70 affected property owners will commence the purchase process in coming months.

More information is available by calling Service NSW on 13 77 88 or by visiting
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Media Release - More Homeowners Included in Loose-Fill Asbestos Program