The Development Process

After you lodge your application

Once you have lodged your application it is logged onto our system and forwarded to Council's Environmental Services Department to be assessed. It may be the case that following a preliminary assessment of the proposal further information will be required. In this instance, a letter is sent to the applicant requesting the required details.

How long will it take to process my application?

Council currently averages a processing time of approximately 45 days for local development.  However, delays can be experienced when additional details are required or there are submissions objecting to the proposal. In the case of Integrated Development, the application is referred to a state agency for comment and this can delay Council's processing of the application.

Public Notification

Most development applications are notified to the adjoining and adjacent land owners to enable them to comment. The exhibition period is usually 14 days but can vary with the scale of development.

Under what circumstances can someone object to my application?

Anyone can make a submission in relation to a development application before Council. Council must consider each submission received within the notification period.

How do I make enquiries about my Application?

You will receive an acknowledgement letter confirming receipt of your application, the application reference (eg DA 023-2012) and the name of the assessing officer. You can find out how your application is progressing by calling us and quoting the application reference number.

Who determines the Application?

On completion of the assessment, most determinations are made under delegation by staff. However, there are instances where applications are referred to a Council. Most commonly this is the case where there are unresolved objections from neighbours or there are significant variations to policy proposed.

A Notice of Determination

If your application is approved, a Notice of Determination by way of approval will be issued containing details of when the consent commences, when it lapses and what the conditions of consent are. If a refusal is issued the Notice of Determination by way of refusal will provide the reasons and explain your rights of appeal to the Land and Environment Court.