Environmental Planning Instruments

Boorowa Local Environmental Plan 2012

A Local Environmental Plan is a legal document called a Planning Instrument.  It provides the rules and guidelines which control the use of private and public land through zoning.  It aims to reduce possible conflict between adjoining land uses, and aims to ensure there is adequate land to meet the diverse needs of our region.

On 15 June 2012, the Booorwa Local Environmental Plan 2012 (the LEP) was officially gazetted by the NSW Government.  This means it is now Council's principal environmental planning instrument which specifies the land use regulations for the Boorowa local government area (LGA) and the previous instrument, the Boorowa Interim Development Order 1975, no longer applies.

The LEP applies to all land located within the boundaries of the Boorowa LGA. It provides the zoning, permissible and prohibited land uses and lot sizes, amongst other things, for the Boorowa LGA.

Council has been proactive in updating the existing land use regulations and controls applicable to Boorowa so they are relevant to current change. The change has been examined in detail in the Strategic Land Use Plan 2006 and the Local Environmental Study 2010. These documents can be viewed at Council's Office in Market Street, Boorowa.

The LEP and mapping can be viewed at the following link: