Dwelling Entitlements

When buying a property, especially a vacant site, a very important question is "can I build a dwelling on the land?" You may have seen or heard this referred to as a dwelling entitlement. A dwelling entitlement refers to the ability of Council to approve a dwelling on a certain property. In this regard, advice pertaining to dwelling entitlements  within Boorowa LGA will detail if a dwelling is permissable within the subject zone and if the subject property meets the minimum development standards (such as minimum lot size) established in the Boorowa Local Environmental Plan 2012.

Advice given regarding a dwelling entitlement does not confer any reasonable expectation that a dwelling will be approved on the site. In this regards the merit of any proposal must be considered, and unacceptable impacts on the natural built environments are not likely to be supported.

It is noted that the planning regulations that control the erection of dwellings do change over time and it is imperative that you ensure you have the most up to date advice available.